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Dallagiovanna was founded in 1962 like electromechanical shop with a production of locks, control panels and lift connections. The company has been transformed since 1990 in Dallagiovanna Sas di Albanese P. e C. with a production and marketing of lift components, it has been achieved a new production process which has allowed to widen the company product range in order to meet the new market demands.
The company shows its pace through the lift components production relating to safety rules: Remote Alarms and GSM, products which have functional, quality and aesthetical features.
The company has met a further goal through the production of the lift controllers in any standard version, whose system software is based on the PLC logic; furthermore Dallagiovanna S.a.s. is able to supply lift controllers inside cabinets with company logo and personalized engravings.
Finally, Dallagiovanna S.a.s. also supplies a wide sector of the spare parts.